Staying “YOU” in such a busy world !

Hey guy’s I discovered this blog post in my drafts this morning & contemplated deleting it. But why … why should I ?

It’s my little story. A snippet from my life and something I’m proud of. I have done so much more since all of this and continue to evolve and learn, so here it is A Little piece of me & my life.

We are told that all women are great multi-taskers. From a young age us ladies try to do so many things and it continues right up until old age. Did you know that as a young kid we have so much confidence and will do or try anything without a second thought! Then we get into our teens & beyond and slowly but surely all that childhood confidence and the following of dreams fade away like the fairy tales we read at bedtime.


My point being, that like me all woman have a dream and sometimes life gets in the way, things happen and other priorities take centre stage. I had my first child at the young age (what I thought was very young) aged  23 and my whole life was turned upside down. I adored my little boy from the first kick and I became a Mom not “Marie” anymore. I was a parent and this little bundle needed me for everything. It can be quiet daunting but I loved being a mother, it is hard work & even more so when you’re a single mother.

I went out to work when my child was old enough to go to Playschool so it was handy. I later married and went on to have 3 more beautiful children. Life takes hold and you are so busy … Up early get kids ready for school,  then work, shopping, housework, dinner, in from school, homework, cleaning, activities with the kids, baths, lunches, unwind maybe have a shower for yourself, bed if your lucky, cause if you have a child that creeps down the stairs and into your bed 3 times a night … ensuring you a crap nights sleep then tough cause … you gotta  get up at the same time next morning and repeat the whole thing over again & again !!!!

Life can be exhausting. When you find an even balance & some precious YOU TIME. Then grab it and enjoy it. Would you believe it has taken me till my late 30’s to find some  ME TIME ! That is a little sad but true and now I am even busier than ever !

It all came to a head when I realised that I had no me time and was doing nothing for myself, where had my passion, drive, ambition gone ????  I saw a poster for Fermoy Street Races & Couch to five 5k so decided to train myself and enter the first 5k in May of 2013. Which I did, I felt so proud of myself ! I joined Kilworth Meet&Train after that and as they say the rest is history ! I have continued to train & run races. I have run two half marathons , two ten-mile races and loads more besides. I am now in training for The Dublin Marathon in October.

I recently did evening classes in Make-up Artistry with LaBeaute to become a MUA . I absolutely loved it and it took 2 hrs one evening a week over several  weeks, but was so worth it. I got to meet some lovely ladies, chat and get a qualification all at the same time.

I also adore Fashion. Which lead me to be  Event Organiser for a Fashion Show  hosted by Kilworth Parents Association which took 6mths of organisation, I loved it and we raised over 2,000 euro it was a great success.

I also do Facepainting for events & kids parties in what little spare time I have. I’m  trying to cut back on the Facepainting now,  as I also have being doing another evening course in the Tiger Training  Academy in Cork, which was a  Personal shopper & Stylist course. I wished that course never ended I enjoyed it so so much. I got to assist on a lot of Fashion Shows in Cork due to doing that course. I was organising another Fashion Show for Fermoy town lately  which takes time & effort.

Training for Dublin Marathon is going well it means running 4 times a week and a long run at the weekend so it really is hugely time-consuming & at times I feel guilty for doing it as I could be spending that time with the kids, but its a once in a lifetime thing for me and on my bucket list before the big -0 !!!!  A few more weeks training and we will nearly be done the mammoth training plan before tapering  back ahead of Marathon day.

I also have a Personal Blog pg on Facebook all about Fashion, Beauty,Travel check it out here

I write a Lifestyle,Fashion & Beauty blog also which is called “TheBeautmum” as you know if your reading this post hehe!!!


Oh and while doing all of the above and having four kids,which by the way is my biggest achievement in life. I chauffeur them to soccer, football, GAA,  tennis & gymnastics oh and I also have a husband whom I try to spend time with !!!!

Thank god he is training for the marathon with me or we would probably be divorced by now as its so hard to find enough hrs in the day to do everything. So I needed to find things that I enjoy and wanted to do to make me feel like me and to be a better mother, wife , friend and feel good mentally and physically in myself.

I am also an Admin for the Cork Bloggers group and we recently organised a big event for 30 bloggers which was a fantastic night ! We held a raffle which raised 200.00 euro for The Sexual Violence Centre Cork which is a cause close to my heart.

Check it out here

I also love to bake and have sold at local markets to earn a few extra euros for my family as you do, my eldest boy would help me on the stall which we called “MOMALICIOUS”, and I would give him a cut of the takings.


In a moment of madness I entered a Gillette Venus “Your & Story” competition where thousands of entries were received from all over Ireland and Yes I was astonished I made it to the final which was on in Dublin recently. My wonderful mother-in-law and myself headed up after I booked the day off work and got the kids minded. It was a fantastic experience and something I never would have done a few years ago but now I am at a time in my life where if I don’t I never will and as my good old gran used to say  “God, loves a trier” and that’s me. I will give everything I do 110%.

I love exercise and being fit and healthy so I also try to maintain a mini routine each evening before my shower. Thirty abdominal legs raises and thirty side sit ups on both left/right sides, 60 abdonimal crunches, and do my best to run 3 times a week.

Every woman has a skin care routine & recently I am loving the Boots Botanics Apricot scrub which I use twice a week. Every other day I use my Clinique facial wash, cleanser and I have been trying out “Trilogy Rosehip Oil” , which I love it’s so soothing and nourishing  on the skin and at night I add the Rosaphene night cream. As I am running so much with all the extra training I feel the elements can take it’s toll on the skin so this cream is really rich and full of antioxidants so really regenerates the skin and makes me feel wonderful. I love to treat myself occasionally like getting my hair done or get dolled up for a night out, or a rare spa day, if we don’t treat ourselves then who will ? Let yourself be YOU the beautiful woman  you are, not a mom, wife, doctor, teacher whatever you may be just be you sometimes at least, cause you deserve it.



Go Find YOU  XxX



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