A Red Raging Mess


307f46478197d090b4f6dc7cc1137c33.jpgNOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOT PRETTY ENOUGH, UGLY all these words swam round and round my head in the summer of ’94. I developed or got these little red like spots all over my legs. One morning I woke up and there they were from the top of my thighs right down to my ankles,I was devastated, shocked, scared, worried and so many other things the list is endless. I ran to my Mom and asked her what did she think and she said the words I didn’t want to hear…but the words I had said in my own head minutes before. It looks like PSORIASIS Marie OH MY GOD, NO NO NO NO …

WHY ME ? Why ? Oh Why? So a trip to the Doctor confirmed my nightmare. Yes its Psoriasis. I knew what it was as both my parents have it. I blamed them firstly and then other…

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One thought on “A Red Raging Mess

  1. Beautifully written as ever.
    I hate my psoriasis too, luckily mines on my stomach and in some nails.
    It and my eczema patches gets worse after my allergy attacks


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